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Getting Ready for the Roar!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Windhawk Helicopters offers unforgettable private hunting experiences in partnership with Stronvar.

Stronvar is a traditional New Zealand high country merino sheep and cattle farm. It ranges from 500 meters in altitude to 1500 meters. It is owned by the Evans family and managed by David Evans.

“Do you have a guided hunt in mind? Whether you prefer a trophy hunt or you’re going for a more rugged NZ experience - there’s a stunning adventure for everyone.”

Free range Red Stag, Fallow Stag, Goat and meat hunting are available by arrangement with David Evans. Accommodation available..

Overnight Packages Available

Contact us to discuss your hunting adventure. (#nzhunting #stonvar #windhawk) We are here to help. .

Be sure to join our mail list to keep up to date with coming packages and availability.

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